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      Acta Oncologica Acta Oncol 0284-186X TaylorFrancis
      Advances in Cancer Research Adv Cancer Res 0065-230X Academic_Press
      American Journal of Clinical Oncology Am J Clin Oncol 0277-3732 Lippincott
      American Journal of Pathology Am J Pathol 0002-9440 ASPI
      Angiogenesis angiogenesis 0969-6970 Kluwer
      Annals of Oncology Ann Oncol 0923-7534 OUP
      Annals of Surgical Oncology Ann Surg Oncol 1068-9265 Lippincott
      Anti-Cancer Drug Design Anticancer Drug Des 0266-9536 OUP
      Anti-Cancer Drugs Anticancer Drugs 0959-4973 Lippincott
      Anticancer Research Anticancer Res 0250-7005 -
      Apoptosis Apoptosis 1360-8185 Kluwer
      Biodrugs Biodrugs 1173-8804 -
      Blood Blood 0006-4971 ASH
      Bone Marrow Transplantation Bone Marrow Transplant 0268-3369 Stockton
      Brain Tumor Pathology Brain Tumor Pathol 1433-7398 Springer-Verlag
      Breast Cancer Research - - Current_Science
      Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Breast Cancer Res Treat 0167-6806 Kluwer
      Breast, The Breast 0960-9776 Churchill
      British Journal of Cancer Br J Cancer 0007-0920 Churchill
      British Journal of Haematology Brit J Haematol 0007-1048 Blackwell
      British Medical Journal Brit Med J 0959-8138 BMJPG
      Bulletin Du Cancer (Paris) Bull Cancer (Paris) 0007-4551 John_Libbey
      CA: a Cancer Journal for Physicians CA Cancer J Clin 0007-9235 Lippincott
      Canadian Journal of Oncology Can J Oncol 1183-2509 Rodar
      Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal Can Oncol Nurs J 1181-912X Pappin
      Cancer Cancer 0008-543X Wiley
      Cancer and Metastasis Reviews Cancer Metastasis Rev 0891-9992 Kluwer
      Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer Biother Radiopharm 1084-9785 Liebert
      Cancer Case Presentations: The Tumor Board 1090-7491 Lippincott
      Cancer Causes and Control Cancer Causes Control 0957-5243 Kluwer
      Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 0344-5704 Springer-Verlag
      Cancer Control - - Moffitt
      Cancer Cytopathology Cancer Cytopathol 0008-543X Wiley
      Cancer Detection and Prevention Cancer Detect Prev 0361-090X -
      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1055-9965 AACR
      Cancer Gene Therapy Cancer Gene Ther 0929-1903 Stockton
      Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics Cancer Genet Cytogenet 0165-4608 Elsevier
      Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Cancer Immunol Immunother 0340-7004 Springer-Verlag
      Cancer Investigation Cancer Invest 0735-7907 -
      Cancer Journal Cancer J 0765-7846 -
      Cancer Letters Cancer Lett 0304-3835 Elsevier
      Cancer Nursing Cancer Nurs 0162-220X Lippincott
      Cancer Pain Release - - -
      Cancer Practice Cancer Pract 1065-4704 Blackwell
      Cancer Prevention and Control Cancer Prev Control 1206-548X -
      Cancer Research Cancer Res 0008-5472 AACR
      Cancer Research, Therapy and Control 1064-0525 TaylorFrancis
      Cancer Surveys Cancer Surv 0261-2429 CSHL_Press
      Cancer Treatment Reviews Cancer Treat Rev 0305-7372 Harcourt
      Cancer/Radiotherapie 1278-3218 Elsevier
      Carcinogenesis Carcinogenesis 0143-3334 OUP
      Cell Cell 0092-8674 Cell_Press
      Cell Growth and Differentiation Cell Growth Differ 1044-9523 AACR
      Chemotherapy Chemotherapy 0009-3157 Karger
      Clinical and Experimental Metastasis Clin Exp Metastasis 0262-0898 Kluwer
      Clinical Cancer Research Clin Cancer Res 1078-0432 AACR
      Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing - - ONS
      Clinical Oncology Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol) 0936-6555 Elsevier
      Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis Crit Rev Oncogenesis 0893-9675 Begell-House
      Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology Crit Rev Oncol Hematol 1040-8428 Elsevier
      Current Advances in Cancer Research 0895-9803 Elsevier
      Current Opinion in Oncology 1040-8746 Lippincott
      Current Problems in Cancer Curr Prob Cancer 0147-0272 Mosby

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