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References: Clinical / Prognostic Markers
References: Basic Science / Neuroblastoma Research
References: Neurobiology / Cell Physiology Research   (neuroblastoma cell lines)
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Clinical / Prognostic Markers

Abukhdeir AM, et al.
Effect of chronic Li+ treatment on free intracellular Mg2+ in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells.
Bipolar Disord 2003 Feb;5(1):6-13    [Related articles]
Boubaker A, et al.
Nuclear medicine procedures and neuroblastoma in childhood. Their value in the diagnosis, staging and assessment of response to therapy.
Q J Nucl Med 2003 Mar;47(1):31-40    [Related articles]
Gambini C, et al.
Neuroblastic tumors associated with opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome: histological, immunohistochemical and molecular features of 15 Italian cases.
Virchows Arch 2003 Apr 23;    [Related articles]
Higashino K, et al.
Malignant rhabdoid tumor shows a unique neural differentiation as distinct from neuroblastoma.
Cancer Sci 2003 Jan;94(1):37-42    [Related articles]
Khoshyomn S, et al.
Metastatic neuroblastoma of the sphenoid sinus.
Pediatr Neurosurg 2003 May;38(5):271-2    [Related articles]
Krams M, et al.
repp86 Expression and Outcome in Patients With Neuroblastoma.
J Clin Oncol 2003 May 1;21(9):1810-8    [Related articles]
Noguera R, et al.
MYCN gain and MYCN amplification in a stage 4S neuroblastoma.
Cancer Genet Cytogenet 2003 Jan 15;140(2):157-61    [Related articles]
     MYCN Amplification
Origone P, et al.
Homozygous inactivation of NF1 gene in a patient with familial NF1 and disseminated neuroblastoma.
Am J Med Genet 2003 May 1;118A(4):309-13    [Related articles]
Riley RD, et al.
Reporting of prognostic markers: current problems and development of guidelines for evidence-based practice in the future.
Br J Cancer 2003 Apr 22;88(8):1191-8    [Related articles]
Ryu KH, et al.
Myeloablative treatment supported by autologous stem cell infusion with neuroblastoma.
J Korean Med Sci 2003 Apr;18(2):184-90    [Related articles]
Sirvent N, et al.
Hypothalamic dysfunction associated with neuroblastoma: Evidence for a new Paraneoplastic syndrome?
Med Pediatr Oncol 2003 May;40(5):326-8    [Related articles]
Usmani GN, et al.
Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 13-2003. A 14-month-old boy with hepatomegaly, perianal lesions, and a bony lump on the forehead.
N Engl J Med 2003 Apr 24;348(17):1692-701    [Related articles]

Basic Science / Neuroblastoma Research

Beheshti B, et al.
Chromosomal localization of DNA amplifications in neuroblastoma tumors using cDNA microarray comparative genomic hybridization.
Neoplasia 2003 Jan-Feb;5(1):53-62    [Related articles]
Dooley TP, et al.
A method to improve selection of molecular targets by circumventing the ADME pharmacokinetic system utilizing PharmArray DNA microarrays.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2003 Apr 11;303(3):828-41    [Related articles]
Fountoulakis M, et al.
The mitochondrial proteins of the neuroblastoma cell line IMR-32.
Electrophoresis 2003 Jan;24(1-2):260-75    [Related articles]
Girgert R, et al.
Farnesyltransferase inhibitor FTI-277 prevents autocrine growth stimulation of neuroblastoma by BDNF.
J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2003 Apr 17;    [Related articles]
Hoffmann A, et al.
Angiotensin II receptor types 1A, 1B, and 2 in murine neuroblastoma Neuro-2a cells.
J Recept Signal Transduct Res 2003 Feb;23(1):111-21    [Related articles]
Kranenburg O, et al.
Recombinant endostatin forms amyloid fibrils that bind and are cytotoxic to murine neuroblastoma cells in vitro.
FEBS Lett 2003 Mar 27;539(1-3):149-55    [Related articles]
Krueger P, et al.
A new small cell lung cancer (SCLC)-specific marker discovered through antigenic subtraction of neuroblastoma cells.
Cancer Immunol Immunother 2003 Apr 1;    [Related articles]
Nakamura M, et al.
Retinoic acid decreases targeting of p27 for degradation via an N-myc-dependent decrease in p27 phosphorylation and an N-myc-independent decrease in Skp2.
Cell Death Differ 2003 Feb;10(2):230-9    [Related articles]
     MYCN Amplification
Sato Y, et al.
Expression of Id2 mRNA in neuroblastoma and normal ganglion.
Eur J Surg Oncol 2003 Apr;29(3):284-7    [Related articles]
Stallings RL, et al.
Are gains of chromosomal regions 7q and 11p important abnormalities in neuroblastoma?
Cancer Genet Cytogenet 2003 Jan 15;140(2):133-7    [Related articles]
     Chromosome 1p
Van Golen CM, et al.
N-Myc overexpression leads to decreased beta1 integrin expression and increased apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cells.
Oncogene 2003 May 1;22(17):2664-73    [Related articles]
     MYCN Amplification
Wang Q, et al.
ID2 expression is not associated with MYCN amplification or expression in human neuroblastomas.
Cancer Res 2003 Apr 1;63(7):1631-5    [Related articles]
     MYCN Amplification
Yegen BC, et al.
Bombesin-like Peptides: Candidates as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools.
Curr Pharm Des 2003;9(12):1013-22    [Related articles]
Yu E, et al.
Expression of promyelocytic leukemia protein increases during the differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells.
Virchows Arch 2003 Mar;442(3):278-83    [Related articles]

Neurobiology / Cell Physiology Research   (neuroblastoma cell lines)

Baptista MJ, et al.
Co-ordinate transcriptional regulation of dopamine synthesis genes by alpha-synuclein in human neuroblastoma cell lines.
J Neurochem 2003 May;85(4):957-68    [Related articles]
Campos D, et al.
Ca(2+)-dependent prodynorphin transcriptional derepression in neuroblastoma cells is exerted through DREAM protein activity in a kinase-independent manner.
Mol Cell Neurosci 2003 Feb;22(2):135-45    [Related articles]
Dennis J, et al.
Interactions among nitric oxide and Bcl-family proteins after MPP+ exposure of SH-SY5Y neural cells II: Exogenous NO replicates MPP+ actions.
J Neurosci Res 2003 Apr 1;72(1):89-97    [Related articles]
Garcia-Gil M, et al.
5'-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide riboside induces apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cells.
Neuroscience 2003;117(4):811-20    [Related articles]
Hynds DL, et al.
Rit promotes MEK-independent neurite branching in human neuroblastoma cells.
J Cell Sci 2003 May 15;116(Pt 10):1925-35    [Related articles]
Ishii T, et al.
Inactivation of integrin-linked kinase induces aberrant tau phosphorylation via sustained activation of glycogen synthase kinase 3beta in N1E-115 neuroblastoma cells.
J Biol Chem 2003 Apr 24;    [Related articles]
Levy YS, et al.
Hemin-induced apoptosis in PC12 and neuroblastoma cells: implications for local neuronal death associated with intracerebral hemorrhage.
Neurotox Res 2002 Nov-Dec;4(7-8):609-616    [Related articles]
Mulder J, et al.
p116Rip is a novel F-actin-binding protein.
J Biol Chem 2003 May 5;    [Related articles]
Murray JN, et al.
Regulation of beta-amyloid precursor protein and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor gene expression during differentiation of a human neuronal cell line.
Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 2003 May;27(3):351-63    [Related articles]
Repovic P, et al.
Oncostatin M enhances the expression of prostaglandin E2 and cyclooxygenase-2 in astrocytes: Synergy with interleukin-1beta, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and bacterial lipopolysaccharide.
Glia 2003 Jun;42(4):433-46    [Related articles]
VanLandingham JW, et al.
Effect of retinoic acid on ferritin H expression during brain development and neuronal differentiation.
Nutr Neurosci 2003 Feb;6(1):39-45    [Related articles]
Wersinger C, et al.
Differential cytotoxicity of dopamine and H(2)O(2) in a human neuroblastoma divided cell line transfected with alpha-synuclein and its familial Parkinson's disease-linked mutants.
Neurosci Lett 2003 May 15;342(1-2):124-128    [Related articles]
Yamauchi K, et al.
Internalization of beta-amyloid causes downregulation of apolipoprotein E mRNA expression in neuroblastoma cells.
Ann Clin Lab Sci 2003 Winter;33(1):68-78    [Related articles]
Yeung WL, et al.
Unusual neurological presentation of neuroblastoma.
Hong Kong Med J 2003 Apr;9(2):142-4    [Related articles]
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