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Chemotherapy is the treatment of diseases such as cancer with drug therapy. Since the 1960's the development and use of drugs has significantly improved the prognosis for some types of cancer. Chemo- means chemicals, for most types of cancer chemotherapy will consist of a number of different drugs, this is known as combination chemotherapy. Chemotherapy may be given in a variety of ways; Intravenously (IV) -into a vein is the most common, Intramuscularly (IM) -injection into a muscle, Orally -by mouth, Subcutaneously (SC) -injection under the skin, Intralesionally (IL) directly into a cancerous area, Intrathecally (IT)-into the fluid around the spine, or Topically -medication will be applied onto the skin.
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Note: most of these resources are general/adult cancer related. The treatment of cancer for children can be different to that for adults.

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