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Cancer-UK is an independent non-profit site that aims to provide both overview information and a gateway to cancer resources in the UK. It is part of the CancerIndex family of Web sites, established in 1996. It is funded and maintained and on a voluntary basis by Simon Cotterill, a researcher in the North of England.

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Why this site ? Since the mid 1990's there has been an explosion of cancer related information on the Internet, predominantly from sources in North America. These include excellent resources such as CancerNet and Oncolink. However, there are times when it is useful to locate domestic resources; there are international variations in health care systems, treatments, terminology and spelling, and also to identify local organisations. With some notable exceptions there were relatively few UK based information providers in the early days of the Web. When the Internet "took-off" in Europe, a few years behind the US, there was rapid growth of UK cancer information on the Internet. However, because of the sheer volume of information on the Internet it is often difficult to find specialist UK based information: hence this site. Cancer-UK aims to provide a gateway to UK cancer resources while closely linking in to useful international resources in the Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer. The site is also keen to promote awareness of quality of information issues.

History: CancerIndex (also known as Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer) grew out of a simple list of links on a personal home page; since 1996 it has included UK specific lists of links. In 1999 these UK pages were originally badged as "UK CancerIndex"; in 2000 the domain was registered.

Cotterill SJ Rapid growth in the provision and usage of cancer related information available on the Internet in the UK. Implications for cancer patients, clinicians, and researchers. Proc. World Congress of the Internet in Medicine, 1997.

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