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HPC1; Hereditary prostate cancer 1 (1q24-q25)
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  Summary Information

HPC1; Hereditary prostate cancer 1

Location: 1q24-q25
Alias: PCS1

Overview: A possible susceptibility locus for hereditary prostate cancer; HPC1 on chromosome 1q24-q25 was first proposed in 1996. Mutations in this locus are noted in some patients with hereditary (families with multiple cases of early-onset) prostate cancer. Approximately 10% of prostate cancer cases are hereditary. Research into HPC1 is ongoing.

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Prostate Cancer and the HPC1 Gene (National Center for Biotechnology Information) an overview a of the HPC1 susceptibility locus which may account for about 1 in 500 cases of prostate cancer. Links to other gene databases.
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  •   HPC1 and Familial Prostate Cancer

    Hereditary prostate cancer accounts for about 9% of prostate cancer cases. A prostate cancer susceptibility locus (HPC1) on chromosome 1q24-25 was idenified by Smith et al, 1996. However, subsiquent studies osuggest that mutations in HPC1 are uncommon and are restricted to people with early onset disease. In a study of "small" families [3-5 affected members], Dunsmuir WD et al. (1998) found less than 8% of cases had allelic loss in HPC1. Other specific gene(s) associated with this have yet to be identified.

  • Dunsmuir WD, et al. Allelic imbalance in familial and sporadic prostate cancer at the putative human prostate cancer susceptibility locus, HPC1. CRC/BPG UK Familial Prostate Cancer Study Collaborators. Cancer Research Campaign/British Prostate Group. Br J Cancer 1998;78(11):1430-3    Related articles (PubMed)

  • Gronberg H, et al. In Swedish families with hereditary prostate cancer, linkage to the HPC1 locus on chromosome 1q24-25 is restricted to families with early-onset prostate cancer. Am J Hum Genet. 1999;65(1):134-40    Related articles (PubMed)

  • McIndoe RA, et al. Linkage analysis of 49 high-risk families does not support a common familial prostate cancer-susceptibility gene at 1q24-25. Am J Hum Genet 1997; 61(2):347-53    Related articles (PubMed)

  • Smith JR, et al. Major susceptibility locus for prostate cancer on chromosome 1 suggested by a genome-wide search. Science. 1996;274(5291):1371-4    Related articles (PubMed)

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