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This page contains details of some of the links which are new to this guide
 Colon Cancer Prevention: chemoprevention potency database
A resource for researchers which includes a database on colon cancer prevention is a systematic review of 418 scientific studies on rats and mice. Agents and diets are ranked by potency. Human clinical trials are also shown. English and French language.

 Candlelighters - Childhood Cancer Foundation of Greater Fort Worth

 Cancer Gateway of Texas
An Internet portal to cancer-related information, resources, and publications.

 Cancer Care Services - Fort Worth, Texas
A non-profit organization founded in 1946. The Web site provides information about financial and social services to clients in the four-county area of North Texas served and news about events, seminars and educational classes.

 International Cancer Research Portfolio
An on-line database funded by cancer researh organizations in the USA and UK. The site is for scientists and aims to help research collaboration and planning. It includes details of clinical trails and other current research.

 Ukrainian National Cancer Registry
The site includes an English language section with information about the registry, population, and reports.

 Ellie Savage Memorial Trust
The Trust provides a network of support and information for children with brain tumours and their families in East Anglia and raises money for research. The Web site includes information about brain tumours, local support groups, events and news.

 Webcast Bone Complications in Lung Cancer.
Transcript and webcast on secondary bone cancer from breast cancer. The webcast is produced by Advances in Oncology and features Robert Figlin, MD and Roger Waltzman, MD.

 Webcast Bone Complications in Breast Cancer
Transcript and webcast on secondary bone cancer from breast cancer. The webcast is produced by Advances in Oncology and features Lee Rosen, MD and Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD.

 Time for Life
A support organization for childhood cancer with a recource centre in West Hartford, Connecticut. The site includes details of programs, events, summer camp. Time for Life was founded in 1990 by a parent of a young girl with myelodysplastic syndrome.

 Asociación Riojana de padres de niños con cáncer
(Spain) A support group established by parents of children from La Rioja. The web a Spanish language on-line parent´s guide.

 Bio-Web: Resources for Molecular and Cell Biologists
The site aims to facilitate access to freely accessible resources for molecular and cell biologists. It includes, news, a links directory , extended sequence analysis tools, software, and biomail newsletters.

 Southwest Michigan Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
The organization, established in 1996, raises funds for breast health programs and patient support. The Web site includes details of races and other events, local support groups, resources, breast cancer information, newsletter etc.

 Joy and Hope for Texas
A non-profit organization dedicated to children with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The Web site includes details of community awareness, education and supportive programs, events, news and resources.

A patient produced information site and discussion forum for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia patients and their families. The site includes information on CLL, basic science, new therapies, clinical trials and other aspects of research and treatment.
The site includes information by disease, drug, treatment, symptom, research, breaking news, events and has an online chat facility. It has an editorial advisory board consisting of 75 of Australia's leading cancer specialists.

 HER2 Support
A non-profit organisation which aims to help members by supporting concerns and by providing links to news and current research. The site includes a message board and details of clinical trials.

 Hammer Out
A Bristol based charity founded in 2002 for the relief, assistance and support of people with brain tumours together with their faimily and carers. The Web site includes news, details of support group meetings and other events.

 Pituitary Society, The
This is an international society dedicated to the study and treatment of pituitary diseases. Information for the public includes a FAQ on pituitary tumors. There is also information for scientists and health professionals, a journal and details of events

 OHSU Pituitary Unit
The Unit is based at Oregon Health and Science University. The Web site includes patient information about pituitary disorders and pituitary tumors. There is also a section for health professionals including information and case studies.

 Advances in Neuroblastoma Research
This is an international meeting held every 2 years for researchers and clinicians with an interest in neuroblastoma. The Web site includes details of past and future research meetings, links etc.

 CAPP: Colorectal Adenoma / Carcinoma Prevention Programme
An international project which aims to find out how to prevent bowel cancer with the help of families with a genetic predisposition to the disease (FAP and HNPCC). The site includes details of clinical trials and patient information. Office in Newcastle.

 Bone Complications of Prostate Cancer
Transcript and webcast about bone metastases in prostate cancer from two experts on the disease.

 British Oncology Pharmacy Association
(UK) A professional organisation, founded in 1996, for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, people working in the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare professions. The Web site includes publications / position statements, diary and newsletter etc.

 Nutrition - PDQ statement for Health Professionals
A physicians information statement from the National Cancer Institute, USA. Includes overview of cancer associated cachexia and anorexia.

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