Selected Polymorphisms

Gene Location Detail SNP
GSTM1 1p13.3 Tabacco smoke, GSTM1 Polymorphisms and Suceptability to Lung Cancer
GSTM1 1p13.3 GSTM1 Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Leukemia
GSTM1 1p13.3 GSTM1 Polymorphisms and Treatment Response in Childhood Leukemia
MUC1 1q21 MUC1 polymorphisms and cancer suseptability?
ARID5B 10q21.2 SNP rs10821936 and increased risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblasic Leukemia rs10821936
ARID5B 10q21.2 SNP rs10994982 and increased risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblasic Leukemia rs10994982
MSMB 10q11.2 Prostate cancer susceptibility variant (MSMB) rs10993994 rsrs10993994
GSTP1 11q13 GSTP1 Polymorphisms and Response to Chemotherapy
WT1 11p13 WT1 Polymorphism rs16754 in AML rsrs16754
ABCC1 16p13.1 ABCC1 (MRP1) Polymorphisms and Cancer / Respose to Chemotherapy
ABCC1 16p13.1 ABCC1 (MRP1) Expression in Childhood Leukaemia
SULT1A1 16p12.1 SULT1A1 and Breast Cancer
HOXB13 17q21.2 rs339331 Polymorphism and Prostate Cancer susceptibility rs339331
BARD1 2q34-q35 BARD1 polymorphisms in Neuroblastoma rsrs6435862
BCL2L11 2q13 rs3789068 polymorphism BCL2L11 and increased risk of B-Cell NHL? rs3789068
MYBL2 20q13.1 MYBL2 polymorphisms and cancer risk
HACE1 6q16.3 HACE1 and Neuroblastoma rsrs4336470
LIN28B 6q21 LIN28B and Neuroblastoma rsrs17065417


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