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Human Gene Therapy Hum Gene Ther 1043-0342 Liebert
Cancer Gene Therapy Cancer Gene Ther 0929-1903 Stockton
Journal of Gene Medicine J Gene Med 1099-498X Wiley

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  Genes and Gene Therapy Topics
ABL1 ( ABL , JTK7 ) 9q34.1 -Gene Therapy for CML [EXPERIMENTAL]
AXIN116p13.3 -AXIN2 and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
BAX19q13.3-q13.4 -BAX Gene Transfer (Experimental)
CD33 ( GP67 ) 19q13.3-q13.4 -CD33 Targeted Antibody Chemotherapy in AML
CD9 ( p24 , MIC3 , BA2 ) 12p13 -Potential role of CD9 in Gene Therapy / Metastasis Supression
CDC42 ( G25K ) 1p36.1 -CDC42 Inhibitors for Gene Therapy (Experimental)
CDKN2A ( P16 , INK4A , MTS1 ) 9p21 -Experimental Gene Therapy Using CDKN2A Adenovirus Vectors
CXADR ( CAR , AAR3 ) 21q11.2 -CXADR and Cancer Gene Therapy
CYP2B ( CYP2B1 ) 19q13.1-q13.2 -CYP2B and Gene Therapy (Experimental)
ERBB2 ( HER2 , NEU ) 17q11.2-q12 -anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibody in Breast Cancer Treatment
EWSR1 ( EWS ) 22q12 -Antisense EWS-FLI1
FANCA ( FAA , FA1 ) 16q24.3 -Experimental Gene Therapy Approaches using FANCA
FANCC ( FAC , FACC ) 9q22.3 -Experimental Gene Therapy Approaches using FANCC
HRAS11p15.5 -Ras Inhibitors in Gene Therapy (Experimental)
IL2 ( TCGF ) 4q26-q27 -IL2 in Immuo-chemotherapy
-IL2 in Gene Therapy (Experimental)
IL45q31.1 -IL4 Gene Transfer for Melanoma (Experimental)
-Published Trials of IL4 for Human Melanoma
IL78q12-q13 -IL7 in Gene Therapy (Experimental)
MGMT10q26 -MGMT and Drug Resistance Gene Therapy
MUC1 ( PUM , PEM ) 1q21 -MUC1 and Immunotherapy [Experimental]
PRDM2 ( RIZ1 ) 1p36 -Potential Role of RIZ1 in Gene Therapy
PTGS2 ( COX2 ) 1q25.2-q25.3 -COX-2 Inhibitors in Treatment / prevention of Cancer
PTPRC ( CD45 , LCA , GP180 ) 1q31-q32 -CD45 Targeted Antibody Chemotherapy in AML
SLC2A1 ( GLUT1 ) 1p35-p31.3 -Experimental Approaches to GLUT1 Supression
TP53 ( p53 , P53 ) 17p13.1 -TP53 Related Gene Therapy Approaches (Experimental)
-TP53 Transfer to Mesothelioma Cells (Experimental)
-TP53 Gene Therapy for Lung Cancer (Experimental)


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