Chromosome 13

Genes Linked with Cancer (16)

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Gene Location Aliases Abnormalities Implicated in
LATS2 13q11-q12 KPM-Lung Cancer
ZMYM2 13q11-q12 FIM, MYM, RAMP, SCLL, ZNF198Somatic
FLT1 13q12 FLT, FLT-1, VEGFR1, VEGFR-1-Bladder Cancer
-Bowel Cancer
-Breast Cancer
FLT3 13q12 FLK2, STK1, CD135, FLK-2Somatic
LHFP 13q12 Somatic
BRCA2 13q12.3 FAD, FACD, FAD1, GLM3, BRCC2, FANCD, PNCA2, FANCD1, BROVCA2Germline & Somatic-Breast Cancer
-Breast Cancer, Familial
-Cancer Screening
-Fanconi Anaemia
-Intraocular (Eye) Melanoma
-Male Breast Cancer
-Ovarian Cancer
-Pancreatic Cancer
CDX2 13q12.3 CDX3, CDX-3Somatic
TPT1 13q14 HRF, p02, p23, TCTP
FOXO1 13q14.1 FKH1, FKHR, FOXO1ASomatic
RB1 13q14.2 RB, pRb, OSRC, pp110, p105-Rb, PPP1R130Germline & Somatic-Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) - adult
-Bladder Cancer
-Breast Cancer
-Lung Cancer
LCP1 13q14.3 LPL, CP64, PLS2, LC64P, HEL-S-37, L-PLASTINSomatic
EFNB2 13q33 HTKL, EPLG5, Htk-L, LERK5-Breast Cancer
ERCC5 13q33 XPG, UVDR, XPGC, COFS3, ERCM2Germline
GAS6 13q34 AXSF, AXLLG-Lung Cancer
-Prostate Cancer
ING1 13q34 p33, p47, p33ING1, p24ING1c, p33ING1b, p47ING1a-Liver Cancer
-Lung Cancer
-Stomach Cancer
RAP2A 13q34 KREV, RAP2, K-REV, RbBP-30

Structural Abnormalities

Selected list of common recurrent structural abnormalities - Chromosome 13:

Abnormality Type Gene(s)
del(13q) in Head and Neck CancersDeletion
Loss of Chromosome 13 in MyelomaDeletion
t(1;13)(p36;q14) in RhabdomyosarcomaTranslocationFOXO1 (13q14.1)PAX7 (1p36.13)
t(2;13)(q35;q14) in RhabdomyosarcomaTranslocationFOXO1 (13q14.1)PAX3 (2q35)

This is a highly selective list aiming to capture structural abnormalies which are frequesnt and/or significant in relation to diagnosis, prognosis, and/or characterising specific cancers. For a much more extensive list see the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer.

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