Chromosome 15

Genes Linked with Cancer

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Gene Location Aliases Abnormalities Implicated in
CASC5 15q14 D40, CT29, KNL1, Spc7, hKNL-1, AF15Q14, PPP1R55, hSpc105Somatic
NUTM1 15q14 NUT, FAM22H, C15orf55Somatic
THBS1 15q15 TSP, THBS, TSP1, TSP-1, THBS-1
TP53BP1 15q15-q21 p202, 53BP1-Breast Cancer
-Lung Cancer
-Ovarian Cancer
-Prostate Cancer
BUB1B 15q15 MVA1, SSK1, BUBR1, Bub1A, MAD3L, hBUBR1, BUB1betaGermline
KNSTRN 15q15.1 SKAP, HSD11, C15orf23, TRAF4AF1Somatic-Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Skin
B2M 15q21-q22.2
TCF12 15q21 HEB, CRS3, HTF4, bHLHb20, HsT17266Somatic
CYP19A1 15q21.1 ARO, ARO1, CPV1, CYAR, CYP19, CYPXIX, P-450AROM
HMGN2P46 15q21.1 D-PCa-2, C15orf21Somatic
C15orf65 15q21.3 Somatic
PML 15q22 MYL, RNF71, PP8675, TRIM19Somatic
PDCD7 15q22.31 ES18, HES18
AKAP13 15q24-q25 BRX, LBC, p47, HA-3, Ht31, c-lbc, PRKA13, AKAP-13, AKAP-Lbc, ARHGEF13, PROTO-LB, PROTO-LBC
CYP1A1 15q24.1 AHH, AHRR, CP11, CYP1, P1-450, P450-C, P450DX
CSK 15q24.1
BCL2A1 15q24.3 GRS, BFL1, ACC-1, ACC-2, HBPA1, BCL2L5-Leukaemia
-Oral Cavity Cancer
NTRK3 15q25 TRKC, gp145(trkC)Somatic
-Breast Cancer
-Salivary Gland Cancer
-Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Childhood
-Stomach Cancer
-Wilms Tumour
CRTC3 15q26.1 TORC3, TORC-3Somatic
IDH2 15q26.1 IDH, IDP, IDHM, IDPM, ICD-M, D2HGA2, mNADP-IDHSomatic
FES 15q26.1 FPS
BLM 15q26.1 BS, RECQ2, RECQL2, RECQL3Germline
FANCI 15q26.1 KIAA1794Germline-Fanconi Anaemia
IGF1R 15q26.3 IGFR, CD221, IGFIR, JTK13

Structural Abnormalities

Selected list of common recurrent structural abnormalities - Chromosome 15:

Abnormality Type Gene(s)
t(12;15)(p13;q25) ETV6-NTRK3 in Breast CancerTranslocationNTRK3 (15q25)ETV6 (12p13)
t(12;15)(p13;q25) ETV6-NTRK3 in Congenital FibrosarcomaTranslocationNTRK3 (15q25)ETV6 (12p13)
t(12;15)(p13;q25) ETV6-NTRK3 in congenital mesoblastic nephromaTranslocationNTRK3 (15q25)ETV6 (12p13)
t(15;17)(q21;q21) RARA-PML translocation in Acute Promyelocytic LeukaemiaTranslocationPML (15q22)RARA (17q21)

This is a highly selective list aiming to capture structural abnormalies which are frequesnt and/or significant in relation to diagnosis, prognosis, and/or characterising specific cancers. For a much more extensive list see the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer.

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