Chromosome 20

Genes Linked with Cancer

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Gene Location Aliases Abnormalities Implicated in
PCNA 20pter-p12 Somatic
PYGB 20p11.21 GPBB
-Thyroid Cancer
ASXL1 20q11 MDS, BOPSSomatic
NNAT 20q11.2-q12 Peg5
MMP9 20q11.2-q13.1 GELB, CLG4B, MMP-9, MANDP2
RBL1 20q11.2 PRB1, p107, CP107
E2F1 20q11.2 RBP3, E2F-1, RBAP1, RBBP3
MAFB 20q11.2-q13.1 KRML, MCTOSomatic
-Multiple Myeloma
TOP1 20q12-q13. TOPISomatic
SRC 20q12-q13 ASV, SRC1, c-SRC, p60-Src
CD40 20q12-q13.2 p50, Bp50, CDW40, TNFRSF5
SDC4 20q12 SYND4Somatic
MYBL2 20q13.1 BMYB, B-MYBOverexpression-Liver Cancer
NFATC2 20q13.2 NFAT1, NFATPSomatic
-Ewing's Sarcoma
ZNF217 20q13.2 ZABC1
TFAP2C 20q13.2 ERF1, TFAP2G, hAP-2g, AP2-GAMMA
BCAS1 20q13.2 AIBC1, NABC1
TNFRSF6B 20q13.3 M68, TR6, DCR3, M68E, DJ583P15.1.1Somatic
Many cancer types including:
-Bowel Cancer
-Liver Cancer
-Lung Cancer
-Pancreatic Cancer
-Stomach Cancer
SS18L1 20q13.3 CREST, LP2261Somatic
GNAS 20q13.3 AHO, GSA, GSP, POH, GPSA, NESP, GNAS1, PHP1A, PHP1B, PHP1C, C20orf45Somatic
ADRM1 20q13.33 ARM1, ARM-1, GP110

Structural Abnormalities

Selected list of common recurrent structural abnormalities - Chromosome 20:

Abnormality Type Gene(s)
t(20;22) EWSR1-NFATC2 in Ewing's SarcomaTranslocationNFATC2 (20q13.2)EWSR1 (22q12.2)
Occasional translocation of MAFB in MyelomaTranslocationMAFB (20q11.2-q13.1)

This is a highly selective list aiming to capture structural abnormalies which are frequesnt and/or significant in relation to diagnosis, prognosis, and/or characterising specific cancers. For a much more extensive list see the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer.

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