Chromosome 16

Genes Linked with Cancer

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Gene Location Aliases Abnormalities Implicated in
IL21R 16p11 NILR, CD360Somatic
MVP 16p11.2 LRP, VAULT1
CD19 16p11.2 B4, CVID3
FUS 16p11.2 TLS, ALS6, ETM4, FUS1, POMP75, HNRNPP2Somatic
-Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
-Soft Tissue Sarcoma
SULT1A1 16p12.1 PST, STP, STP1, P-PST, ST1A1, ST1A3, TSPST1, HAST1/HAST2-Breast Cancer
-Male Breast Cancer
PALB2 16p12.2 FANCN, PNCA3Germline-Fanconi Anaemia
TNFRSF17 16p13.1 BCM, BCMA, CD269, TNFRSF13ASomatic
ABCC1 16p13.1 MRP, ABCC, GS-X, MRP1, ABC29
MYH11 16p13.11 AAT4, FAA4, SMHC, SMMHCSomatic
-Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
ERCC4 16p13.12 XPF, RAD1, FANCQ, ERCC11Germline
RMI2 16p13.13 BLAP18, C16orf75Somatic
SOCS1 16p13.13 JAB, CIS1, SSI1, TIP3, CISH1, SSI-1, SOCS-1Somatic
SNX29 16p13.13-p13.12 RUNDC2A, A-388D4.1Somatic
CREBBP 16p13.3 CBP, RSTS, KAT3ASomatic
TSC2 16p13.3 LAM, TSC4Germline
AXIN1 16p13.3 AXIN, PPP1R49
CYLD 16q12.1 EAC, MFT, SBS, TEM, BRSS, CDMT, MFT1, CYLD1, CYLDI, USPL2Germline & Somatic
RBL2 16q12.2 Rb2, P130
HERPUD1 16q13 SUP, HERP, Mif1Somatic
MMP2 16q13-q21 CLG4, MONA, CLG4A, TBE-1, MMP-II
CDH11 16q21 OB, CAD11, CDHOB, OSF-4Somatic
MAF 16q22-q23 CCA4, c-MAFSomatic
CDH1 16q22.1 UVO, CDHE, ECAD, LCAM, Arc-1, CD324Germline & Somatic
CBFB 16q22.1 PEBP2BSomatic
-Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
BCAR1 16q23.1 CAS, CAS1, CASS1, CRKAS, P130Cas
CDH13 16q23.3 CDHH, P105
CBFA2T3 16q24 ETO2, MTG16, MTGR2, ZMYND4Somatic
MC1R 16q24.3 CMM5, MSH-R, SHEP2
FANCA 16q24.3 FA, FA1, FAA, FAH, FA-H, FACA, FANCHGermline-Fanconi Anaemia

Structural Abnormalities

Selected list of common recurrent structural abnormalities - Chromosome 16:

Abnormality Type Gene(s)
LOH 16q in Wilms' TumourLOH
der(16)t(1;16) in Ewing's SarcomaTranslocation
t(16;16)(p13q22) CBFB-MYH11 Translocation in AMLTranslocationCBFB (16q22.1)MYH11 (16p13.11)
t(16;21)(p11;q22) in Leukemia (ANLL)TranslocationFUS (16p11.2)ERG (21q22.3)
t(12;16)(q13;p11) FUS-DDIT3 in Mixoid LiposarcomaTranslocationFUS (16p11.2)DDIT3 (12q13.1-q13.2)
t(16;21)(p11;q22) FUS-ERG in Acute Myelogenous LeukemiaTranslocationFUS (16p11.2)ERG (21q22.3)
t(7;16)(q33;p11) FUS-CREB3L2 in Low-grade fibromyxoid sarcomaTranslocationFUS (16p11.2)CREB3L2 (7q34)

This is a highly selective list aiming to capture structural abnormalies which are frequesnt and/or significant in relation to diagnosis, prognosis, and/or characterising specific cancers. For a much more extensive list see the Mitelman Database of Chromosome Aberrations and Gene Fusions in Cancer.

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