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E E1A-F (ETV4) 17q21
E1AF (ETV4) 17q21
E2A (TCF3) 19p13.3
E2F1 20q11.2
EAP1 (PTTG1) 5q???
EAT2 1q22
EBI1 (CCR7) 17q12-q21.2
ECT2 3q26.1-q26.2
EEN (SH3GL1) 19p13
EFNB2 13q33
EFNB3 17p13.1-p11.2
EGFR 7p12
EIF-4E (EIF4E) 4q21-q25
EIF3S6 8q22-q23
EIF4E 4q21-q25
ELE1 10q11.2
ELK1 Xp11.2
ELK3 12q23
ELL 19p13.1
EMP1 12p12
EMS1 11q13
ENL (MLLT1) 19p13.3
EPHA1 7q32-q36
EPHA3 3p11.2
EPHB2 1p36.1-p35
EPHB6 7q33-q35
ephrin-B2 (EFNB2) 13q33
ephrin-B3 (EFNB3) 17p13.1-p11.2
EPHT3 (EPHB2) 1p36.1-p35
EPLG5 (EFNB2) 13q33
EPLG8 (EFNB3) 17p13.1-p11.2
EPO (TIMP1) Xp11.3-p11.23
EPS15 1p32
ER81 (ETV1) 7p22
ERBA1 (THRA) 17q11.2-q12
ERBA2 (THRB) 3p24.1-p22
ERBAL2 19p13.1
ERBB (EGFR) 7p12
ERBB2 17q11.2-q12
ERBB3 12q13
ERBB4 2q34
ERBeta (ESR2) 14q
ERG 21q22.3
ERM (ETV5) 3q28
ESR1 6q25.1
ESR2 14q
ESRA (ESR1) 6q25.1
ESRB (ESR2) 14q
EST (COT) 10p11.2
ETK (EPHA3) 3p11.2
ETK1 (EPHA3) 3p11.2
ETO (CBFA2T1) 8q22
ETS1 11q23.3
ETS2 21q22.3
ETV1 7p22
ETV3 1q21-q23
ETV4 17q21
ETV5 3q28
ETV6 12p13
EVI1 3q24-q28
EWS (EWSR1) 22q12
EWSR1 22q12
EWSR2 (FLI1) 11q24.1-q24.3
exodus-2 (SCYA21) 9p13
EXT1 8q24.11-q24.13
EXT2 11p12-p11
EXT3 19p
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