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A A-MYB (MYBL1) 8q22
AAC1 (NAT1) 8p23.1-p21.3
AAC2 (NAT2) 8p23.1-p21.3
AAR3 (CXADR) 21q11.2
ABCB4 7q21.1
ABCC1 (MRP) 16p13.1
ABCC3 17q21-q23
ABCC5 3q27
ABCG2 4q22
ABL (ABL1) 9q34.1
ABL1 9q34.1
ABL2 1q24-q25
ABLL (ABL2) 1q24-q25
ACH (FGFR3) 4p16.3
ACN (NF2) 22q12.2
ACPP 3q21-q23
ACTHR (MC2R) 18p11.2
ACVRLK4 (TGFBR1) 9q33-q34
ADCYAP1 18p11
AF-1P (EPS15) 1p32
AF-6 (MLLT4) 6q27
AF10 10p12
AF17 (MLLT6) 17q21
AF1Q 1q21
AF4 (MLLT2) 4q21
AF5Q31 5q31
AF6q21 (FKHRL1) 6q21-6q21
AF9 (MLLT3) 9p22
AFP 4q11-q13
AFX1 (MLLT7) Xq13.1
AIBC1 (BCAS1) 20q13.2-q13.3
AIGF (FGF8) 10q24
AIM1 6q21
AKT1 14q32.3
AKT2 19q13.1-q13.2
ALDH1 9q21
ALDH2 12q24.2
ALK5 (TGFBR1) 9q33-q34
ALK 2p23
ALL1 (AF10) 10p12
ALL1 (MLL) 11q23
AML1 (CBFA2) 21q22.3
AML2 (RUNX3) 1p36
AMPH 7p14-p13
AMPHL (BIN1) 2q14
AMYB (MYBL1) 8q22
ANG2 (ANGPT2) 8p21
ANGPT2 8p21
AP2 (TFAP2A) 6p24
AP2B (TFAP2B) 6p12
AP2TF (TFAP2A) 6p24
APC 5q21-q22
API2 11q22-q23
API4 (BIRC5) 17q25(?)
Apo-2L (TNFSF10) 3q26
APO1 (TNFRSF6) 10q24.1
APS (KLK3) 19q13
ARA70 (ELE1) 10q11.2
ARAF1 Xp11.4-p11.2
ARG (ABL2) 1q24-q25
ARH12 (ARHA) 3p21.3
AR Xq11.2-q12
ARHA 3p21.3
ARHB 2pter-p12
ARHC 1p21-p13
ARHH 4p13
ASM (H19) 11p15.5
ASM1 (H19) 11p15.5
ATA (ATM) 11q22.3
ATC (ATM) 11q22.3
ATF1 12q13
ATM 11q22.3
AXIL (AXIN2) 17q23-q24
AXIN1 16p13.3
AXIN2 17q23-q24
AXL 19q13.1
AXLLG (GAS6) 13q34
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